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Introducing Hepburn Springs Gin

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Premium Small Batch Gin

Our first gin is a take on a traditional London Dry, with a uniquely Australian twist. One that pays homage to our ‘hood, Hepburn Springs.

There’s the customary juniper base and a few other traditionals, but it’s our blend of native Australian superfoods that makes Hepburn Springs Gin special. Mountain pepperberry, Quandong, lemon myrtle and finger limes combine to create a distinct, contemporary gin. And of course, there’s our local Hepburn Springs water.

Available to buy online now.

About Hepburn Springs

A Taste of Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Springs is at the heart of our gin.

An hour or so north west of Melbourne, the Hepburn region has long been famous for its ‘special healing water’. We also happen to be home to the largest concentration of natural mineral springs in Australia. Hepburn Springs Gin celebrates our local hero, using the finest local spring water in every bottle.

Next time you’re in town, stop by one of our local stockists to try or buy. Or if you can’t wait until then, hit up our online store.

Gin Botanicals

The Small Batch Process

Each batch of our premium dry gin is produced by a pot distillation process. We start with a neutral wheat base spirit and add our 14 botanicals straight into the copper pot.

After several hours gently heating in the pot, the flavour-infused vapours travel through the column, condense and fall back down. The process repeats (heat, up, condense, down, reheat) refining and enriching the vapours before their final cool down into the liquid good stuff.

Once cut with the finest of local water, you have a beautiful spirit, ready for bottling.